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A Para’s take on a Teacher Survival Kit


Hey hey ! So, finally I have secured a position so i can breathe. If you have lived on a teeny bit, had no paycheques in the summer, know every school within a 40 mile radius, you may have been or are, a substitute teacher.


It’s been a crazy, but enlightening, ride. I’ve learned that I can live on very, VERY little. And I found that my creativity greatly diminishes when stress increases. I know some of you are nodding your head vigorously. Well, before you strain your neck or get dizzy, let me tell you…I have been offered a full time position at my favourite school !

So, as well as increasing my creativity and lessening my stress, I had to think of something to give my new classroom cohorts. It’s a big difference to be part of one school, not a cameo appearance in a LOT of schools.

Since survival has been a part of my world, a humorous approach to the theme of survival seemed natural. So with that I created my own version of the…..wait for it…

teacher survival kit

But alas, what shall I put in this kit? what would I want to get me through the days, weeks, nay…months ahead?

The first thought of course, went to coffee. Coffee is the nirvana, the nectar, the mainstay of life itself. But what for those days when your nerves are frayed, your brain has frizzled, and you just need to calm the heck down. Tea, my friend, tea is the answer.

And so on, my brain and imagination hippity hopped, frolicked if you will, through, until we, that is, me, myself and I, came upon the final list of…what every educator needs at the ready for those emergency situations that have nothing to do with actual emergencies but sure feel like it.

teacher survival kit 2

If you know…or are, a teacher and would like to create something of this nature for them…or you,have fun and put together your own survival kit.