If I had a paintbrush…I’d make a curtain


I’ve always been pretty good at staying focused…most of the time, well, unless there’s a T.V. on, or a good song on the radio I need to sing along to, or a dragonfly. I really love dragonflies. But seriously, I like the feeling of accomplishment in a finished project. So I may have more than one project going at a time, but they usually always get completed.

organized chaos

So during the recent spring break, I offered to paint the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. And I did stay focused, though I have to say, during the latter part of the ceiling area, I gave myself every reason I could think of not to finish it right then. Feed the cats, wash the dishes, fire up the Keurig, see if there were any more jobs to apply for in the past two hours, hour, fifteen minutes. Check the weather, check my email, check, ummm, okay so then I ran out of excuses and just finished that blasted ceiling.

Then I proceeded to the main bathroom to rinse out the trim paintbrush. And noticed how dingy the paint looked on the walls there. So a small swipe of the brush against that faded hue brought it to life. Which then led me back to retrieve the paint roller, and next thing the bathroom was painted.

Well of course, you know as well as I that this newly painted surface now created a glaring contrast to the curtains in the bathroom…I know right? So what else could I do but go through my fabric stash and sew a quick window treatment. 0408161626


And see, you know what I’m going to say now right? As soon as that window covering was hung, yep, the outlet cover looked so out of place. So back to the fabric stash. I have to interject here, I am not a pattern type of sew person…seamstress, whatever. Put a pattern in front of me and I reply with a deer in the headlights look.


So here’s how I made a window covering that looks pretty nifty, and a matching outlet cover. Follow along, this is easy and you don’t even need to sew if you doesn’t wants ta.



All you need is a rectangle of fabric. Measure your curtain rod length and width. You’ll be making a pocket at the top of your fabric so the dowel will go through. Otherwise your pretty curtain will just fall off the rod, silly. Decide how tall you want the curtain. Add another inch on the bottom of the fabric for a hem, add the width measurement of the rod to the top of the fabric measurement. What I like to do, because I’m pretty lazy about measuring picky like, is fold the fabric before I sew it, so I can make sure the finished size is what I need. If you want, you can iron the fabric at the folds 0416160840(again, makes it easier if you’re like me and just want to see the finished project.) Now it’s time to either sew or glue the hems….YAYY!




And now, if you want to get all crazy and make this project look even more involved without much effort, after you’ve hung the finished curtain on the rod and placed it on the window, you can take a piece of ribbon (I used satin 1 inch) and wrap it around the rod. Now cut the ribbon to one inch longer. Find the middle of your curtain and gather it up to the bottom of the rod, then wrap the ribbon around the gathered curtain and secure the ribbon with some double sided tape.

Now just grab a favourite beverage and admire your awesomely cool mad decorating skills.



About cassilliscreates

Let’s all run away from stress, deadlines and responsibility…just for a bit, to a fun place where the only limits are your imagination. I’ve been crafting since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Plasticine, paints, rubber cement and plenty of glitter were the mainstays of my childhood. Now I’ve expanded; tacky glue, found metals, embossing powders and costume jewelry are some of my fun supplies, but certainly anything I find may find it’s place in a mixed media project. So come and join me as I share some techniques and help you put your own spin on creating!

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