The Leaf not the Tree


When I was in school, this was the name of a language arts book. The title stuck with me….working on finding the details, not just scanning the big picture. I love details; embellishments, a bit of colour, a little crystal accent. Especially in this very busy world, slowing down to enjoy life’s little details is so important and rewarding.

So today, I would like to share with you a fun technique which, ironically after that wonderful prelude, has nothing to do with leaves. Yeah, that’s kinda how I roll. But you know, if you are now disappointed and feeling sad, having gotten all geared up for leaves, you can certainly add some. Make yourself happy, self gratification and all that.


So now, what do you need? This stuff here:

  • painters tape
  • watercolours
  • black sharpie marker
  • 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 inch cardstock or watercolour paper

Begin by masking off vertical stripes with your painter’s tape. I cut my tape in strips because 1) trees aren’t all uniform sizes and 2) I am cheap. Decide where the ground is going to end so you don’t end up with floating trees.









Now use watercolours to colour the ground. Colour it springtime green, winter white, summery brown (depending on where you live) or just a mess of weeds if you’d like to emulate my yard.0408161057










And now, the sky is the limit…or the rest of your paper. Again, sunrise colours, sunset, rainy grey, again with those forgiving watercolours. Now, go get a cup of coffee and wait for the paint to dry0408161100





When I was a kid, I loved magic. Magic shows, magic deck of cards, heck I even got to go to a magic shop in Seattle during a family trip. See, my parents really did embrace my…quirkiness. Alas, I did not pursue magic as a career, and a collective sigh of relief resounds from all in the field of prestidigitation. But I am still fascinated by all things magic. Why do I bring this up now? Because now is the time to unveil some magic you’ve just created. Ladies and gents, peel your painter’s tape and……VOILA !!!!0408161139

Okay, so what kind of trees do you have there? You can use a fine permanent marker and create birch trees with short horizontal marks. Or watercolour a light brown and define with a darker brown. Or use a water based marker to create horizontal marks, then go over with a watercolour watered down light grey.0408161147







Here’s a card I made using this technique as a background for a stamped image from Unity Stamps that I cut out.


I hope you have fun with this technique…it’s fun, easy and doesn’t require any expensive tools. Except for your imagination as that is a priceless resource.


About cassilliscreates

Let’s all run away from stress, deadlines and responsibility…just for a bit, to a fun place where the only limits are your imagination. I’ve been crafting since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Plasticine, paints, rubber cement and plenty of glitter were the mainstays of my childhood. Now I’ve expanded; tacky glue, found metals, embossing powders and costume jewelry are some of my fun supplies, but certainly anything I find may find it’s place in a mixed media project. So come and join me as I share some techniques and help you put your own spin on creating!

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